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Whats on your mind?
Who am I?
My name is Angelsisqo Molano my friends call me sisqo.I was born in Dallas TEX.I moved to california at the age of 4.And i've been here ever since.If you wanna see what i look like go to photo page and take a look

What i like to do.
Well I love to write poems,they let me exspress my self free my mind.I can put stuff in my book that i cant say in person.Of course I play sports i'm playin football at East Union High in manteca.I wrestle in hayward on the weekends.I love to watch the sun to go down and more then anything i like to make new friends.You may not belive me when i say it but i can sing.Play your cards write and you may get a chance to hear me.

Food:chicken pasta
Song:In My Bed/By DRU HILL
Color:Green/Baby blue
any other questions feel free to ask